About Us
FLORSERVICE LTD started off in 2011 as a wholesale company targeting CIS market with tremendous perspectives.
Moscow city and nearby region was the primary market.
Russian customers which are few are also wholesale suppliers for the local market were handpicked and worked through.
Lately the ties and understanding with the Russian primary customers have grown up enough.
Mainly the growth was based on good marketing and strategy understanding as well as mutual trust and respect.
FLORSERVICE LTD provides a fair and high quality services as a wholesale company and strategic coordinator and partner.
Wide chain and contacts all over the globe allow to seek and supply flowers from Ecuador, Columbia, Thailand, Kenya, South Africa, Holland and other countries.
Proven partners from abovementioned areas are able to offer the quality and range that suits the most and highest requests.
Quality control units allow to check the quality before the shipments leave the starting point.
Consolidation units allow to stack orders in most countries from many local suppliers.
Not only being an intermediary trader but a global partner FLORSERVICE LTD offers a great set of tools to make the global flower business going easy.
With all said our company judges very strictly and handpicks the clients taking into account main and crucial business attributes such as trust and expertise.